Serving Static Websites With Azure Functions

With the new serverless craze I decided to create myself a little challenge to explore Azure Functions. The challenge I came up with was moving my personal website from a CMS to a static site hosted by Functions. This post covers how I achieved this.

Managing Infrastructure With Terraform

Terraform is another amazing tool from the great people over at HashiCorp (The people who brought us Vagrant). It allows you to manage your infrastructure as code on multiple providers.

Introduction to Azure Functions

Azure Functions is described as a event-driven, serverless compute experience. It is Microsoft’s entry into the world of serverless sitting next to other solutions such as AWS Lambda. In this post I will provide a brief introduction to Functions and show you how to use them.

Why Im Excited About Web Apps

If you have not taken a look at Azure Web Apps yet, I highly suggest you do. It is a PaaS offering on Azure and I am super excited about it. Below I will explain why.